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oLete Screen recorder

oLete Screen recorder provides feature to capture video (Size:90MB .Zip;Duration:4 hrs,Desktop based,Easy to run,4-5 MB memory used to captured video ,Platform independent,Thread Based Application,Configurable).

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oLete :-Exam Engine

Exam Engine 1. Test Engine 2. Report 3. Push papers 4. Pull exam(results, logs, video/images(optional )) 5 .Exam configuration.

01 Design & Analysis

02 Coding & Maintains


03 Live Supports


Online exam Test Engine High Level-Architecture Design

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TAC & Results

Gernrate Tac & results High Level-Architecture Design

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Our Team

Expet Team having more than 50 -60 exams conduction experiences.

Online Exam Exposure

We have expert team having more than 50 lacs appliccants /years since last 3 years.


Our managements are from online agency.

R & D Team

High qualified team ,having more than 13 years expatriates in his/her stream.


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oLeqat:Question Authoring Tool

Assing Author,Author write questions and answeser ,Question and Answers may be photo( .png) ,Question and Answers will be save in databse ,photo will in folder encripted zip and Highly secure.

PsSMT:Paper Sets & Shift Management Tool[PsSMT]-

Add Papers ,Difine sections & Assing Question ,Make Paper Sets and assing Shift Management.

oLete Team


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