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 A 6-year-old girl shows exceptional sporting ability. Both of her parents are sportspersons send her for coaching everyday and train her on weekends. Her capabilities are most likely to be the result of an interaction between:

1.heredity and environment

2.growth and development

3.health and training

4.discipline and nutrition

 A teacher can enhance effective learning in her elementary classroom by:

1.offering rewards for small steps in learning

2.drill and practice

3.encouraging competition amongst her students

4.connecting the content to the lives of the students

 Gender is a/an:

1.biological entity

2.physiological construct

3. innate quality

4.social construct

 How can a teacher encourage her students to be intrinsically motivated towards learning for the sake of learning?

1.By inducing anxiety and fear

2.By giving competitive tests

3.By supporting them in setting individual goals and their mastery

4.By offering tangible rewards such as toffees

 Learning experiences should be planned in a manner so as to make learning meaningful. Which of the given learning experiences does not facilitate meaningful learning for the children?

1.Repetition based on mere recall of content

2. Formulating questions on content

3.Discussion and debate on the topic

4.Presentation on the topic

 Out-of-the-box thinking is related to

1.Consistent Thinking

2.Memory-based Thinking

3.Divergent Thinking

4.Convergent Thinking

 Teachers need to create a good classroom environment to facilitate childrens learning. To create such a learning environment which one of the given statements is not true?

1.Approval of the childs efforts

2.Compliance with teachers

3.Acceptance of the child

4.Positive tone of the teacher

 Which of the following is the most effective method to encourage conceptual development in students?

1.New concepts need to be understood on their own without any reference to the old ones.

2.Replace the students incorrect ideas with correct ones by asking them to memorize.

3.Give students multiple examples and encourage them to use reasoning.

4.Use punishment till students have made the required conceptual changes.

A 5-year-old girl talks to herself while trying to fold a T-shirt. Which of the following statements is correct in the context of the behaviour displayed by the girl? 

1.Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky would explain this as egocentric nature of the childs thoughts.

2.regulate her actions through private speech.

3. Jean Piaget would explain this as social interaction while Lev Vygotsky would explain this as an exploration.

4.Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky would explain this as the childs attempt to imitate her mother

A child sees a crow flying past the window and says A bird. What does this suggest about the childs thinking?A. The child has previously stored memories.B. The child has developed the concept of a bird.C. The child has developed some tools of language to communicate her experience.

1.A and B

2.B and C

3.A B and C

4.Only B

A child with hearing impairment:

1.should be sent only to a school for the hearing impaired and not to a regular school

2.will not benefit from academic education only and should be given vocational training instead

3. can do very well in a regular school if suitable facilitation and resources are provided

4.will never be able to perform on a par with classmates in a regular school

A childs notebook shows errors in writing like reverse images mirror imaging etc. Such a child is showing signs of

1.Learning disadvantage

2.Learning disability

3.Learning difficulty

4.Learning problem

A word gets its meaning:

1.in relation to its context

2.from dictionary only


4.from its origin

Aarjav says that language development is influenced by ones innate predisposition while Sonali feels that it is becaue of the environment. This discussion between Aarjav and Sonali is about

1.Critical and Sensitive feeling

2.Stability and Instability argument

3.Continuous and Discontinuous learning

4.Nature and Nurture debate

According to Jean Piaget schema building occurs as a result of modifying new information to fit existing schemes and by modifying old schemes as per new information. These two processes are known as:

1.accommodation and adaptation

2.assimilation and adaptation

3.equilibration and modification

4.assimilation and accommodation

According to Jean Piaget which of the following is necessary for learning?

1.Active exploration of the environment by the learner

2.Observing the behaviour of adults

3.Belief in immanent justice

4.Reinforcement by teachers and parents

According to Lev Vygotsky the primary cause of cognitive development is:


2.social interaction

3.adjustment of mental schemas

4. stimulus-response pairing

According to NCF 2005 errors are important because they

1.are an important tool in classifying students into groups of passed and failed.

2. provide a way to the teachers to scold the children.

3.provide an insight into the childs thinking and help to identify solutions.

4.provide space for removing some children from the class

According to NCF 2005 the role of a teacher has to be:





As a teacher who firmly believes in social constructivist theory of Lev Vygotsky which of the following methods would you prefer for assessing your students?

1.Collaborative projects

2.Standardized tests

3.Fact-based recall questions

4.Objective multiple-choice type questions

Assessment is purposeful if:

1.it induces fear and stress among the students

2.it serves as a feedback for the students as well as the teachers

3.it is done only once at the end of the year

4.comparative evaluations are made to differentiate between the students achievements

Bronze is a mixture of two metals. The names of these two metals are

1.Copper and Zinc

2.Copper and Iron

3.Copper and Tin

4.Aluminium and Tin

Children can best learn a language when they having

1.a good textbook

2. a proficient language teacher



Etymology is:

1.science of Pedagogy.

2.science of study of language.

3.science of meaning of words.

4.science of knowing the origin of words.

Giftedness from teachers point of view is a combination of

1.High Ability - High Creativity - High Commitment

2.High Motivation - High Commitment - High Talent

3.High Ability - High Talent - High Commitment

4.High Talent - High Creativity - High Memory

Given below are some statements about boys and girls. According to you which one of these is true?

1.Boys should help in activities outside the home.

2.Boys should help in household chores.

3.All boys should be taught Science and girls Home Science.

4.Girls should help in household chores.

Grammar should be taught by

1.giving clear explanations

2. enabling practice in context

3.asking students to learn rules

4.making learners do written assignments

Having a diverse classroom with children from varied social economic and cultural backgrounds enriches the learning experiences of all students. This statement is:

1.incorrect because it can confuse the children and they may feel lost

2.correct because children learn many skills from their peers

3.correct because it makes the classroom more hierarchical

4.incorrect because it leads to unnecessary competition

Howard Gardners theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI) suggests that:

1. every child should be taught every subject in eight different ways in order to develop all of the intelligences

2.intelligence is solely determined by IQ tests

3.teachers should use MI as a framework for devising alternative ways to teach the subject matter

4.ability is destiny and does not change over a period of time

In a progressive classroom setup the teacher facilitates learning by- providing an environment that:

1.promotes discovery

2.is restrictive

3.discourages inclusion

4.encourages repetition

In an elementary classroom an effective teacher should aim at the students to be motivated:

1.to learn so that they become curious and love learning for its own sake

2.to rate memorize so that they become good at recall

3.by using punitive measures so that they respect the teacher

4.to perform so that they get good marks in the end of the year examination

In the context of Kohlbergs stages of moral reasoning under which stage would the given typical response of a child fall?Your parents will be proud of you if you are honest. So you should be honest. 

1.Punishment-obedience orientation

2.Social contract orientation

3.Good girl-good boy orientation

4.Law and order orientation

Inclusion of children with special needs:

1.is an unrealistic goal

2. is detrimental to children without disabilities

3.will increase the burden on schools

4.requires a change in attitude content and approach to teaching

Khejri trees are mainly found in

1.hot and humid conditions

2.cool and dry conditions

3.moderate conditions

4.hot and dry conditions

Making students members of a cleanliness community to motivate them for the same reflects

1.Socio-cultural conceptions of motivation

2.Behaviouristic approach to motivation

3.Humanistic approach to motivation

4.Cognitive approach to motivation

Mani frequently asks probing and imaginative questions in her Class V EVS class. By doing so she aims at improving

1.observation skills

2.emotional skills

3.listening skills

4.thinking skills

Primary school children will learn most effectively in an atmosphere:

1.where their emotional needs are met and they feel that they are valued

2.where the teacher is authoritative and clearly dictates what should be done

3.where the focus and stress are only on mastering primarily cognitive skills of reading writing and mathematics

4.where the teacher leads all the learning and expects students to play a passive role

Research suggests that in a diverse classroom a teachers expectations from her students ...... their learning.

1.have a significant impact on

2.are the sole determinant of

3.should not be correlated with

4.do not have any effect on

Teachers in order to help learners construct knowledge need to focus on

1.making sure the learner memorises everything

2.scores marks obtained by the learner.

3.involving the learner for active participation.

4.mastering learning of concepts by the learner.

The assessment of students can be used by teachers in teaching to develop insight into

1.identifying the students who need to be promoted to the higher class.

2.not promoting those students who do not meet school standards.

3.changing the teaching approach according to the learners need.

4. creating groups of bright and weak students in the class.

The cephalocaudal principle of development explains how development proceeds from:

1.general to specific functions

2.differentiated to integrated functions

3.head to toe

4.rural to urban areas

The common element which is present in both carbohydrates and proteins is





The first generation learners are those who are:

1.coming first time to school to seek admission.

2.learning Hindi for the first time.

3.learning English for the first time.

4.the first from their family to come to school.

The gastric juice in the stomach of human beings is ........... and aids in the digestion of food.





The nature of environment studies does not advocate that:

1.children make fewer mistakes.

2.children get space to learn by doing.

3.children ask a lot of questions.

4.children get a lot of space to explore.

The skills required to read a map include

1.excellent communication skills to draw out the expressive ability

2.excellent drawing and painting skills

3.ability to understand relative position of places distances and directions

4.ability to use calculations and sketch positions on a globe

The study of words and their meanings is known as





There are 44 sounds in English. Out of these how many sounds are vowels and how many are consonants respectively?

1.20 24

2.5 39

3.22 22

4.10 34

There is a species A of plants that grow in a huge number but is found only in B part of India in the whole world. Which type of species is it?





To be an effective teacher it is important to

1.emphasize dictating answers from the book.

2. focus on individual learning rather than group activity.

3.avoid disruption caused due to questioning by students.

4.be in touch with each and every child.

To cater to individual differences in his classroom a teacher should:

1.have uniform and standard ways of teaching and assessment

2.segregate and label children based on their marks

3.engage in a dialogue with students and value their perspectives

4.impose strict rules upon his students

What should a teacher tell her students to encourage them to do tasks with intrinsic motivation?

1.Come on finish it before she does.

2.Why cant you be like him? See he has done it perfectly.

3.Complete the task fast and get a toffee.

4.Try to do it you will learn.

Which of the following age groups falls under later childhood category?

1.11 to 18 years

2.18 to 24 years

3.Birth to 6 years

4.6 to 11 years

Which of the following are secondary agents of socialization?

1.Family and neighbourhood

2.School and neighbourhood

3.School and immediate family members

4.Family and relatives

Which of the following group of animals has excellent sight and can see things four times more than humans?

1.Bees Mosquitoes Butterflies

2.Tigers Leopards Bulls

3.Snakes Silkworms Lizards

4.Kites Eagles Vultures

Which of the following is a characteristic of a gifted learner?

1.He gets aggressive and frustrated.

2.He can feel understimulated and bored if the class activities are not challenging enough.

3.He is highly temperamental.

4.He engages in ritualistic behaviour like hand flapping rocking etc.

Which of the following is a sensitive period pertaining to language development?

1. Prenatal period

2.Middle childhood period


4.Early childhood period

Which of the following is an example of effective school practice?

1.Constant comparative evaluation

2. Corporal punishment

3.Individualized learning

4.Competitive classroom

Which of the following is not a component of 5 Es?





Which of the following makes a correct pair?


2.Orissa - Bharatnatyam

3.Tamil Nadu - Lavani

4.Karnataka - Kathak

Which of the following statements about children are correct?A. Children are passive recipients of knowledge.B. Children are problem solvers.C. Children are scientific investigators.D. Children are active explorers of the environment.

1.A B and D

2.B C and D

3.A B C and D

4.A B and C

Which of the following tools will be appropriate for assessing social- personal qualities of children engaged in learning EVS through group work?


2.Rating scales

3.Paper-pencil tests

4.Oral questions

Which one of the following diseases may be caused by stagnant water?





Which one of the following is best suited for emotional development of children?

1. Democratic classroom environment

2.No involvement of the teachers as it is the task of the parents

3.Controlled classroom environment

4.Authoritarian classroom environment

Which one of the following is not a suitable formative assessment task?

1.Open-ended questions



4.Ranking the students

Which one of the following is not true about the status of English language across the world?

1.English as a native language

2.English as a heritage language

3.English as a foreign language

4.English as a second language

Which one of the following places in our country is a Cold Desert?





Which one out of the following provides information about the roles and behaviours which are acceptable in a group during early childhood period?

1.Siblings and Teachers

2.Teachers and Peers

3.Peers and Parents

4.Parents and Siblings


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