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 A teacher of class V conducts an activity In which she asks her children to drop some sugar on the ground and asks them to wait until the ants come there Children can be given meaningful learning from this activity if teacher ______.

1.encourages her/his children to observe the activity

2.encourages his/her children to share their experiences

3. encourages her/his children to observe share their expediences followed by discussion on the activity.

4.encourages her/his children to answer the questions at their home related to the activity.

 In EVS learning of crafts and arts while working in groups is encouraged because

A. Group learning is easier and very effective strategy for teachers to tackle the problem of Indiscipline of the class.

B. Group learning promotes peer learning.

C. Group learning improves social Interactions.

D. Group learning help in completing the syllabus of EVs in time.

1.A and D only

2.B and D only

3.B and Conly

4.C and D only

 Which of the following is a desirable practice for an EVS teacher?

1.Addressing multicultural dimensions of diverse classrooms.

2.Encouraging children to provide important information related to the concepts of EVS.

3.Linear arrangement of six themes of EVS.

4.Relying only in textbooks.

 Which of the following is NOT a tool for Formative Assessment of learning in EVS?


2.Rating scale

3.Anecdotal records

4.Annual achievement test

 Which of the following is/are the most effective resource for EVS learning?

A. Family members

B. Members of the community

C. Newspapers

D. Classroom

1.D only

2.C and D only

3.A B and C

4.A and B only

 Which of the following principle of learning is followed In EVs?

1.Global to local

2.Abstract to concrete

3.Unknown to known

4.Known to unknown

 Which one of the following should NOT be the objective of teaching EVs at primary level as per NCF-2005?

1.To nurture the curiosity and creativity of the child particularly in relation to the natural environment.

2.To train children to locate and comprehend relationships between the natural social and cultural environment.

3.To engage the child in exploratory and hands on activities to acquire basic cognitive and psychomotor skills through observation classification inference etc.

4.To develop precise quantitative skills among children through understanding of environmental issues.

A doctor is located at y and his hospital is located at V. There is no straight lane from the doctor�s house to the hospital. So the doctor first goes to A which is 600 m due east of X then goes to B which Is 450 m due south of A then to C which Is 120 m due west of B and finally reaches the hospital at Y which is 90 m due north of C. with respect to the hospital the correct direction of the doctors house is





A person boarded an express train on 29th November 2019 at Surat (Gujarat) for Nagarcoil (Kerala). The train departed from Surat at 19:45 hours and reached Nagarcoil at 11:45 hours on 1st December 2019. If the distance between Surat and Nagarcoil by train route is nearly 2120 km the average speed of the train during this journey was


2.60 km/h


4.45 km/h

Cheraw is the dance form of the people of





Children can be effectively engaged in EVS learning through

A. Narratives

B. Stories

C. Effective explanation of concepts by the teacher

D Effective demonstration and explanation of concepts by the teacher

1. A C D

2. A and B only

3.C and D only

4.A B and C

Children get lot of space to learn EVS through exploration. This indicates that

1.EVS is learnt through rote.

2.EVS is learnt through information.

3.EVS is child centred.

4.EVS is teacher centred.

Consider the following description of houses:

A. In Rajasthan the villagers live In mud houses with roofs of thorny bushes.

B. In Manali (Himachal Pradesh) houses are made on bamboo pillers

C. In Leh two floor houses are made of stones. The ground floor is for animals and for storing necessary things.

The correct statement(s) is/are

1. A and B

2.B and C

3. A and C

4.Only C

Consider the following list:

Tortoise Crocodile Crow Duck Fish

In this list which one of the following is different from the others?





Consider the following statements about elephants:

A. Elephants do not rest very much they sleep 2 to 4 hours only in a day.

B. An adult elephant can eat more than 200 kg of leaves and twigs in a day.

C. They love to play with mud and water the mud keeps their skin cool.

D. In elephant herd the oldest female elephant decides everything.

The correct statements are

1. A B and C

2.B C and D

3.C D and A

4. A B and D

Consider the following statements about Nepenthese a plant which bunts.

A. This plant is found In Australia Indonesia and Meghalaya in India.

B. It has a pitcher-like shape and the mouth is covered by a leaf.

C. It can trap and eat only small insects.

D. It emits a pleasant sound to attract small insects which get trapped and cannot get out.

The correct statements are

1.A and B only

2. A and C only

3.B and D only

4.A B and C

Desert Oak is a tree which is round in

1. Abu Dhabi


3.desert of Rajasthan

4.the desert of UAE

EVS for classes-III to V is a subject area which integrates �

1. the concepts and issues of Science.

2.the concepts and issues of Science Social studies and Environmental education.

3.the concepts and issues of Social science and Science.

4.the concepts and issues of Science and Environmental education.

High fever with shiver which can be treated with the bark of cinchona tree is





In which one of the following states or India is Dandi seashore located where Mahatma Gandhi did his famous march before independence?

1.Andhra Pradesh




Neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu are

1.Andhra Pradesh Odisha Karnataka

2.Kerala Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra

3.Karnataka Chhattisgarh Kerala

4.Andhra Pradesh Kerala Karnataka

Objective/s of EVs teacher who encourages his/her children to observe animals and make pictures on their own is/are to

A. Develop creativity of children

B. Develop observation and design skills of children

C. Develop aesthetic sense of children

1.A only

2.A and C only

3.B only

4.A B and C

Which of the following is a subtheme under the theme suggested in the EVS syllabus?




4.Things we make and do

Which of the following is true w.r.t. EVS?

1.EVS is a subject taught from classes Ito V.

2.For classes I and II EVS is taught through language and Mathematics.

3.For classes II III and IV issues and concerns of EVS are taught through language and Mathematics.

4.For classes I and II concerns and issues of EVS are taught through Science and Social science.

Which of the following is/are important in constructing knowledge in EVS by the children�?

A. Active participation of children.

B. Community members of children

C. Text books of EVS

D. Description and definition given in the textbook of EVS

1. A B and C

2.A and C only

3.A C and D

4.C only

Which of the following should be avoided while assessing children in EVS?

1.Judging the answers given by children in terms of right or wrong.

2.Discuss What we have learnt given at the end of each chapter of EVS textbook of class V

3.Use indicators for assessment

4.Qualitative assessment of childrens learning

Which one of the following birds species moves its neck back and forth with a jerk?





Which one of the following is a group of roots?

1.Beetroot Potato Ginger

2.Carrot Turmeric Ginger

3.Sweet Potato Radish. Turmeric

4.Carrot Beetroot Radish

Which one of the following is a weight lifter of international fame? 

1. Sunita williams

2.Bachhendri Pal


4.Karnam Malleshwari


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