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 I am a 2 digit number.

� The digit in tens place and the digit in units place are consecutive prime numbers.

� The sum of digits is multiple of 3 and 4.

The number is





 Identify a desirable practice for teaching Geometry at primary level?

1.Geometry at primary level should be limited to recognition of simple basic shapes.

2.The teacher should begin by giving clear definitions of simple shapes and showing examples.

3.Children should be given ample opportunities to develop an intuitive understanding of space.

4.Developing extensive geometric vocabulary need not be an objective at primary level.

 Identify the type of the following word problem:

I have 6 pencils. Manish has two more than me. How many pencils does Manish have? 

1.Comparison addition

2.Comparison subtraction

3.Takeaway addition

4.Takeaway subtraction

 In a five digit numberthe digit at ten s place is 8digit at units place is one-fourth of the digit at ten s placethe digit at thousands place is 0digit at hundreds place is twice that of units place and the digit at ten thousands place is thrice the digit at unit s place. What is the number?





 In which of the followinglengths have been arranged in decreasing order?

1.8500 mm80o cm 8 mm80 dm 8cm,8m

2.80 dm 8 cm8500 mm8 m800 cm 8 mm

3.8 m80 dm 8 cm8500 mm800 cm 8 mm

4.8500 mmSO dm 8 cm800 cm 5mm,8m

 The main purpose of introducing mapping in the primary Mathematics curriculum is/are

A. to promote spatial thinking
B. to promote proportional reasoning

C. to make subject easy and interesting

D. to break the monotony of numbers

1.A & C

2.A & D

3.A & B

4.B & C

 The parking rates of car in a railway station parking are depicted as follows:

(a) Upto 2 hrs � Rs. 50

(b) More than 2 hrs and upto 5 hrs - Rs. 75

(c) After 5 hrs - Rs. 10 per extra hour upto 8 hrs.

(d) More than 8 hrs and upto l2hrs � Rs. 150

(e) More than 12 hrs and up to 24hrs � Rs. 250

Rajeev parks his car at 7.00 a.m. and comes back to pick It up at 4.30 p.m. on the same day. How much money does he have to pay?





1.Rs. 135

2.Rs. 150

3.Rs. 130

4.Rs. 100

 Which of the following can NOT be considered a feature of a constructivist Mathematics classroom?

1.The role of language and dialogue in learning Mathematics is given due attention.

2.The teacher acknowledges that students may construct multiple understandings from a given interaction.

3.Objective type test items are used as the primary means of assessment.

4.Connections between Mathematics and other curricular areas are highlighted.

 Which of the following is NOT true of the Hindu-Arabic system of numeration?

1.The position of a digit in a number dictates its value.

2.It is additive in nature.

3.It follows the base 2 system.

4.It is multiplicative in nature.

 Which of the following resources/TLM can be used by the teacher to show that two rectangles of different dimensions can have same area without using formula?

A. Scale

B. Graph paper

C. Thread

D. Tiles

1.only B

2. B & D

3.only C

4.A & D

 Which of the following statements is in agreement with the constructionist view of Mathematics?

1.Mathematics is about learning facts.

2.Mathematicians are required to discover the truths .

3.Mathematics is entirely objective.

4.Visualisation is an important aspect of Mathematics.

A number that is divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 10 (both inclusive) is 





A train leaves Delhi on 29th August2019 at 16 : 30 hours and reachesists destination on 31St August at 08 : 45 hours. The total travel time of the Journey is

1.36 hours 15 minutes

2.38 hours 45 minutes

3.39 hours 45 minutes

4.40 hours 15 minutes

Ayesha has only Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 coins with her. If the total number of coins she has is 25 and the amount of money with her is Rs. 160then the number of Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 coins with her are

1.18 and 7 respectively

2.10 and 15 respectively

3.15 and 10 respectively

4.20 and 5 respectively

One-sixth of the trees in a garden are neem trees. Half of the trees are Ashoka trees and the remaining are eucalyptus trees. If the number of neem trees is fivehow many eucalyptus trees are there in the garden?





The side of a square is 4cm. It is cut into 4 equal squares. What is the area of each small square?

1.4 cm2

2.1 cm2

3.16 cm2

4.8 cm2

Three brands of pens AB and C are available in packets of 1012 and 24 respectively. If a shopkeeper wants to buy equal number of pens or each brandwhat is the minimum number of packets of each brandhe should buy?





When asked to write 44some students of grade II wrote it as 404. As a teacherhow will you address this?

1.correct their answer in their copies

2.explain principle or exchange using concrete material

3.group them with those who have done it correctly

4.tell them to find out correct answer

Which of the following activities is best suited for the development or spatial understanding among children?

1.Drawing the top view of a bottle

2.Locating cities on a map

3.Noting the time of moon rise

4.Representing numbers on a number line

Which of the following could be contributing factor to underachievement in mathematics?


2.Socio-cukural backbroud

3.Nature of Mathematics

4.Innate ability of person

Which of the following is an indicator of mathematical reasoning?

1.Ability to provide definitions of mathematical concepts.

2.Ability to provide a justification for a mathematical procedure.

3.Ability to calculate efficiently.

4.Ability to recall the correct formulae in different situations.

Which of the following is at third place when the numbers are arranged in ascending order?






Which of the following is NOT true with respect to the learning of Mathematics?

1.Ability to perform and excel in Mathematics is innate.

2.Teachers beliefs about learners have powerful impact on learning outcomes.

3.Students socio-economic background impacts their performance in Mathematics.

4.School's language of instructional can impact a child s performance in Mathematics.

Which of the following is the most appropriate strategy to explain that 1/4 is less than 1/3?

1. using LCM method

2.using paper strips

3.using Dienes blocks

4.using number chart

Which of the following is the most important aspect or making lesson plan while teaching Mathematics to primary school children?

1.following the sequence of text book.

2.presenting mathematical concepts in structured manner.

3.providing opportunities to students to allow construction of concepts.

4.writing activities and questions for reference.

Which of the following statements is not correct?

1.All prime numbers are odd numbers.

2.There are infinitely many ptime numbers.

3.A prime number has only two factors.

4.There are only four single digit prime numbers.

Which of the following topics are not parts of primary school Mathematics curriculum as per NCF 2005?






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