Electrical measurements/Electrical Measurement MCQ Question Set 2 Sample Test,Sample questions

 Earthing does not help in protecting the equipment.



3.all of the above

4.None of the mentioned

 Earthing is used as return conductor in telephone lines and for traction work.

1. True


3.all of the above

4.None of the mentioned

 In a three phase system, the neutral is ____

1. earthed

2.connected to low voltage

3.connected to high voltage

4.not connected

 Megger works on the principle of ______

1.kirchhoff’s current laws

2.ohm’s law

3.gauss’s law

4.electromagnetic induction

 The application of a megger is _____

1. to measure resistance

2.to test for leakage

3. to limit the current

4.to increase the emf of the circuit

 The role of the compensating coil in a megger is ________

1.reduce current

2.increase voltage

3.control temperature

4. scaling

 What is the condition to achieve a high sensitivity in a Kelvin bridge?

1. low voltage

2.high power

3.medium resistance

4.high current

 Why can’t a Kelvin bridge be used for the measurement of low Quality factor value?

1.due to thermoelectric effect

2.due to balance problem

3.due to the dull detector used

4.due to temperature

A guard ring is provided in a megger to ________

1.protect the circuit

2.eliminate error

3.reduce current flow

4.limit the temperature rise

A resistor of 10 kΩ with the tolerance of 5% is connected in parallel with 5 kΩ resistors of 10% tolerance. What is the tolerance limit for a parallel network?



3. 8.33%


A slide wire potentiometer has 10 wires of 2 m each. With the help of a standard voltage source of 1.045 V, it is standardized by keeping the jockey at 104.5 cm. If the resistance of potentiometer wires is 2000 Ω, then the value of working current is?

1.1 mA

2.10 mA

3.0.1 mA

4.0.5 mA

Accuracy of Kelvin bridge is of the order of _______

1. ±0.5 to ±2 %

2.±0.05 to ±0.02 %

3. ±0.05 to ±0.2 %

4.±0.005 to ±0.02 %

After earthing, the different parts of an electrical machinery are at _____

1. infinite potential

2. intermediate potential

3.zero potential

4.undefined potential

Connection of the various parts of a circuit to earth has a ______

1.medium resistance

2.high resistance

3.very high resistance

4. very low resistance

Continuity between any two points can be measured using ______

1. ammeter




Earth electrode provides _____

1. high resistance

2.medium resistance

3. low resistance

4. very high resistance

Electrical continuity between any two points exists if ______

1.there is current flow through them

2.there is a wire connecting the points

3. there is sufficient voltage drop

4.pointer shows deflection

High resistances are of the order of _____

1.0.1 Mῼ

2.10 mῼ

3. 1 kῼ

4.10 Gῼ

How is the condition of an earth electrode measured?

1. by measuring the voltage

2.by measuring the current

3.by measuring the power

4.by measuring resistance

How is the contact resistance related to the circuit while measuring a low resistance?

1. independent of the type of resistance

2.it is negligible

3.depends on the e.m.f source

4.it is very high

How is the megger calibrated?

1. in steps of 1 unit per division

2.based on the value of resistance to be measured

3.directly calibrated on the position of the pointer

4.reversely calibrated based on the pointer position

How is the voltage drop across a low resistance related to lead resistance?

1.it contains contact resistance

2.it depends on the magnitude of voltage drop

3. it depends on the type of null detector used

4.It does not contain any contact resistance

How to minimize the drift in the value of resistance measured using a Wheatstone bridge?

1.by using a high precision null detector

2.by keeping the lead wire resistances within 0.2 mΩ

3. by using a e.m.f source of minimum value

4.by minimizing the flow of current

Kelvin bridge can be calibrated to read ____

1.inductance and Quality factor value

2.capacitance only

3. power and voltage

4.current and frequency

Kelvin’s bridge consists of _______

1.double bridge

2.single bridge

3.half bridge

4. three fourth bridge

Low resistance is measured by _______

1. De-Sauty’s bridge

2.Maxwell’s bridge

3.Kelvin double bridge

4. Wein’s bridge

Low resistance refers to _____

1. resistances of the order of 1ῼ

2.resistances of the order of 1kῼ

3.resistances of the order of 1mῼ

4.resistances of the order of 1Mῼ

Megger can be used for verifying the electrical insulation level of _______

1.passive components such as resistance, capacitor and inductance

2.devices such as motor, cable, etc

3.solid state devices

4.liquid crystal devices

Megger is a ________

1. source of e.m.f

2.source to measure high resistance

3.type of a null detector

4.current carrier

Megger is also known as _____





Megger is also used for _____

1.providing additional e.m.f

2.bridge balance

3.testing insulation resistance

4.controlling the temperature

Specific resistance of soil is _______

1.changes from soil to soil

2.is constant

3.depends on the circuit connected to it

4. depends on the supply voltage

The moving element of the ohmmeter in a megger consists of ______

1.1 coil

2.4 coils

3.3 coils

4. 10 coils

The range of resistance measured in a Kelvin bridge is _____

1.10Ω to 10 mΩ

2.1Ω to 10 μΩ

3.0.01Ω to 10 MΩ

4. 0.1Ω to 10 nΩ

The readings of polar type potentiometer are I = 12.4∠27.5°, V = 31.5∠38.4°. Then, reactance of the coil will be ______

1. 2.51 Ω

2.2.56 Ω

3.2.54 Ω

4.2.59 Ω

The relation between ratio of resistance arms and ratio of resistance arms of second bridge is ____




4.one forth

The resistance can be measured most accurately by _______

1. Voltmeter-Ammeter method

2.Bridge method



The role of the permanent magnet in a megger is to ________

1.provide field

2.provide voltage

3.generate power

4.balance the circuit

The supply to the megger is given by ________

1.ac motor

2. ac generator

3.permanent magnet dc motor

4.dc generator

The voltage drop across a standard resistor of 0.2 Ω is balanced at 83 cm. Find the magnitude of the current, if the standard cell emf of 1.53 V is balanced at 42 m.

1.13.04 A

2.10 A

3.14.95 A

4.12.56 A

What is an earth electrode?

1.electrode that is connected to earth

2.material used for earthing

3.electrode connected to the circuit

4.electrode which is connected to the mains

What is earthing?

1.connecting electrical machines to earth

2.providing a connection to the ground

3.connecting the electrical machines to source

4.providing a source of current

What is the effect of load and contact resistance in Kelvin bridge?

1. independent

2.fully dependent

3.partially dependent

4.depends on the resistance value

What is the significance of a megger with respect to high resistance?

1.it is used to limit the current

2.it is used to provide stability

3.used for measuring high resistance with respect to ground

4.it is used for temperature protection

What is the significance of measuring low resistances?

1.voltage drop across the circuit is high

2. contact and lead resistances are appreciable

3. there is no power loss

4.no current flows through the bridge circuit

Which is not a source of error in the measurement of low resistance?

1. contact resistance drops at the leads

2. thermal e.m.f

3.temperature effect

4.power dissipation through the circuit

Which is the most popular method for measuring low resistance?

1.ammeter-voltmeter method

2. potentiometer method

3.kelvin double bridge method

4.ducter ohmmeter method

Why a Wheatstone bridge can’t be used for signal conditioning?

1.due to the galvanometer

2.due to excessive current flow

3. due to the e.m.f source used

4.due to lead wires

Why is the scale of a megger calibrated in megaohms?

1.to indicate resistance

2.to minimise the current flow

3. to increase the voltage drop

4. to reduce the temperature

Why Kelvin bridge is used for measurement of low resistance?

1.due to e.m.f source used

2.due to a large current flow

3.due to contact and lead resistance

4.due to power dissipation across the circuit


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