Business Studies-Business Studies-[Class 11-MCQS ]/Chapter 5 Emerging Modes of Business Sample Test,Sample questions

A Call Centre handles

1.Both customer facing and back-end business

2.Both voice based and non-voice based business

3.Only out-bound voice based business

4.Only in bound voice based business

Both buyers and sellers are customers under_______ type of e-business transaction

1.C2C Commerce

2. B2C Commerce

3.C2B Commerce

4.B2B Commerce

Both Sellers and buyers are business firms; under ___type of e-commere transaction

1.B2B Commerce

2.C2B Commerce

3.B2C Commerce

4.C2C Commerce

Complaint lodged by a customer at the company?s call centre is _______ type of e-business transaction.

1.C2C Commerce

2.C2B Commerce

3.B2C Commerce

4.B2B Commerce

e-commerce does not include

1.A business?s interactions with its customers

2.Interactions among the various departments within the business

3.A business?s interactions with its suppliers

4.Interactions among the geographically dispersed units of the business

India is the preferred destination for BPO because of _________

1.Tax Free Zone for BPOs

2.Cheap People

3.Cheap Manpower

4.Poor conditions

It is not an application of e-business

1.Contract R&D

2.Online trading

3.Online procurement

4.Online bidding

Here; parties involved in the electronic transactions are from within a given business firm; hence; the name is _______

1.Intra-C Commerce

2.Intra-D Commerce

3.Intra-B Commerce

4.Intra-A Commerce

Out of e-commerce and e-business; which is a broader term?

1.None of these

2.both e-business and e-commerce are same thing

3. e-commerce



1.Includes off shoring

2.Restricts only to the contracting out of Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

3.Restricts only to the contracting out of non-core business processes

4.Includes contracting out of manufacturing and R&D as well as service processes ? both core and non-core ? but restricts only to domestic territory

The payment mechanism typical to e-business

1.Credit and Debit Cards

2.Cash on Delivery (CoD)



Under what method payment is made at the time of physical delivery of goods

1.Cash on delivery

2.Debit card payment

3.Credit card payment

4.Prepaid amount

Which method is very popular for making online transactions?

1.Credit Card

2.All of these

3.Net banking

4.Debit Card

__transactions have business firms at one end and its customers on the other end.

1.C2B Commerce

2.B2C Commerce

3.B2B Commerce

4.C2C Commerce

_________ refers to contracting out some of its activities to a third party which were earlier performed by the organisation.




4. E-Banking


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