Business Studies-Business Studies-[Class 11-MCQS ]/Chapter 6 Social Responsibilities of Business Sample Test,Sample questions

"Ethics deals with the right actions of individuals.” Who said?

1.Peter F. Drucker

2.C. S. Rao

3.J. R. Betty

4.C. Zahe

According to the concept of moral intensity, a worker is most likely to behave ethically and legally when

1.a manager observes his or her behavior closely

2.the worker has intense morals

3.the consequences of the act are minor

4.the consequences of the act are substantial

Business people have the skills to solve

1. All social problems

2.Some social problems

3.No social problems

4.All economic problems

Carbon monoxide emitted by automobiles directly contributes to

1.Water pollution

2.Noise pollution

3. Land pollution

4.Air pollution

Corporate social responsibility that extends beyond legal mandates can help meet societal expectations in the absence of

1.Statutory devices

2.Social tool

3.Cost tool and Techniques

4.Science tool

Environmental protection can best be done by the efforts of

1.Business people



4.All the people

Ethics is important for

1.Top management

2.Middle-level managers

3.Non-managerial employees

4.All of them

If business is to operate in a society which is full of diverse and complicated problems, it may have

1.Little chance of success

2.Great chance of success

3. Little chance of failure

4.No relation with success or failure

If you believe in making decisions for the good of most people, you can be described as following which school of thought?





Which of the following alone can ensure effective ethics programme in a business enterprise?

1.Publication of a code

2.Involvement of employees

3.Establishment of compliance mechanisms

4.None of them

Milton Friedman stated his belief that ‘there is only one social responsibility’ for a company to use its resources to

1.give as much to charitable causes as possible

2.ensure employment

3.provide good facilities for workers

4.increase profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game

Social responsibility is

1.Same as legal responsibility

2.Broader than legal responsibility

3. Narrower than legal responsibility

4.None of them

That an enterprise must behave as a good citizen is an example of its responsibility towards

1. Owners




The business community’s aversion to binding international legal standards governing corporate operations contrasts with its strong advocacy of international law commitments applied to the obligation of governments towards


2.Business and Shareholder itself


4.Foreign investors

The elements of management system in quality environment of TQM is

1.Method and procedure

2. Process

3. Focus

4. All of the above

The environmental analysis includes

1.Political conditions

2.Social factors

3.Economic conditions

4.All of the above

The ethical dilemma of choosing between two rights refers to

1. choosing between the lesser of two evils

2. deciding which of two employee rights is the most important

3.deciding to offer a bribe or lose out on an important opportunity

4.choosing between the two types of sexual harassment

The hand-of-government refers to the

1.ability of the government to interfere in business negotiations

2.role of corporations to be profitable within the law

3. effect of national politics on business decisions

4.impact of changing government regulations

The national Society of Professional Engineers had a code, which requires professionals to

1.Dissociate themselves from organizations that are of a questionable character

2.Further the cause of public good

3.Advise clarity, the consequences, if a technical opinion is overruled by a non-technical person

4. All of the above

Unethical behaviour is often triggered by

1.pressure from higher management to achieve goals organizational atmosphere that condones such behaviour

3.both (a) & (b)

4.a system of checks and balances

Which is the approach to corporate planning?

1.Customers and workers satisfaction

2. Planning skills


4.All of the above

Which is the aspects of TQM efforts?

1.Problem solving tools

2.Internal service quality

3.Total involvement of all personnel

4.None of the above

Which of the following can explain the need for pollution control?

1.Cost savings

2.Reduced risk of liability

3.Reduction of health hazards

4.All of them

Which of the following does not contribute to the development of a manager’s standard of ethics?

1.competitor behaviours

2.society’s norms and values

3. individual life experiences

4.environmental situations

Which of the following is capable of doing maximum good to society?

1.Business success

2.Laws and regulations

3. Ethics

4.Professional management

Which of the following statements about ethical standards are TRUE?

1.The upper limits of ethical standards are set by individual standards

2.The laws of economically developed countries generally define the lowest common denominator of acceptable behaviour

3.The actual degree of enforcement of the law in an underdeveloped country would determine the lower limit of permissible behaviour

4.All of the above

Which one of the following is not principle business ethics?

1.Principle of universality

2.Principle of humanity

3.Principle of autonomy

4.Principle of dissatisfaction

Which statement is true?

1.Human values system plays a vital role in total quality management

2.Values give the real meaning to total quality management effort

3.Total quality management is a corporate management strategy

4.All of the above

Which statement is true?

1.Skills are not enduring due to fatigue

2.The final proof of sincerity and seriousness is uncompromising emphasis on integrity of character in a job

3.The mental contents of the good person are called moral and ethical values

4.All of the above

Which statement is/are true?

1.Ethics is not synonymous to religious morality or moral theology

2.Ethics is the principle that guide the human behaviour

3.The terms ‘ethics’ and ‘morality’ are not synonymous terms

4. All of the above


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