Civil Engineering/Irrigation Engineering MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

A canal which is aligned at right angles to the contour is called

1.contour canal

2.watershed canal

3. side slope canal

4.branch canal

A channel is said to be in regime when

1. is flowing in unlimited incoherent alluvium of the same character as that transported

2. silt grade and silt charge are constant

3.discharge is constant

4. All of the above

A current meter is used to measure the


2. velocity of flow of water

3.depth of flow of water

4.None of these

A divide wall is provided

1. parallel to the axis of weir and upstream of it

2. parallel to the axis of weir and downstream of it an inclination to the axis of weir right angle to the axis of water

A fish ladder is

1.a structure which enables the fish to pass upstream

2. a ladder to climb up dam

3. a ladder provided in the canal for the maintenance of canal

4.None of the above

A hydraulic jump is formed when

1.A supercritical flows strike against a subcritical flow

2. The two flows of supercritical velocities meet each other

3.A subcritical flow strikes against a supercritical flow

4.The two flows of subcritical velocities meet each other

A minor irrigation scheme involves command area equal to or less than

1. 200 hectares

2. 500 hectares

3.1000 hectares

4. 2000 hectares

A parabolic glacis type of fall is known as

(A) Montague fall

(B) Inglis fall

(C) Ogee fall

1. Montague fall

2.Inglis fall

3.Ogee fall

4.Sarda fall

A pumped storage plant is a

1. peak load plant

2. high head plant

3. base load plant

4. base load plant

A solid construction across a river to raise its water level and divert the water into the canal is known as

2. bund



A typical and most desirable section of a canal is

1. partly in cutting and partly in filling cutting filling

4.None of the above

According to Bligh's creep theory, the percolating water follows a straight path under the foundation work

2. in a straight line path under the floor

3.the outline of the base of the foundation

4.None of the above

Among the following, which crop has the highest value of delta?





An artesian aquifer is the one where

1. Water is under pressure between two impervious strata

2.Water table serves as upper surface of zone of saturation

3.Water surface under the ground is at atmospheric pressure

4.None of the above

As per I.S. code requirement of free board for main canal is

1.0.25 m

2.0.75 m

3.1.0 m

4.1.25 m

Assumed value of saturation gradient (H : V) in clay is

1. 1 : 2

2.1 : 3

3. 1 : 4

4. 1 : 8

By adopting lining canals in new projects

1. storage and diversion capacity may be reduced

2.earthwork can be reduced

3. number of canal structures can be reduced

4.All of the above

Cyclonic precipitation is caused by lifting of an air mass due to

1. natural topographical barriers

2. pressure difference

3.temperature difference

4. All of the above

depth of drain below the water level

1.0 to 10

2.10 to 18

3.12 to 18

4.18 to 26

For a floor control reservoir, the effective storage is equal to

1. useful storage - valley storage

2.useful storage + surcharge storage

3.useful storage + surcharge storage – valley storage

4.useful storage + surcharge storage + valley storage

For sands greater than the standard, the critical velocity ratio is _____ one.


2.more than

3.equal or more than

4.less than

furrow irrigation method

1.a structure which enables the fish to pass upstream

2.a ladder to climb up dam

3.a ladder provided in the canal for the maintenance of canal

4.none of the above

Hydrograph is the graphical representation of

1.surface runoff and time

2.runoff and time

3.rainfall and time

4.ground waterflow and time

If cement concrete lining is provided to canal, maximum permissible velocity is

1.2 to 2.5 m/sec

2.3.0 to 3.5 m/sec

3.4.0 to 5.0 m/sec

4. 4.5 to 5.5 m/sec

In a canal system the order in which water flows is

1. Branch canal minor – distributary – field channels

2.Branch canal – minor – field channel – distributary

3. Branch canal – field canal – distributary – minor

4.Branch canal – distributary – minor- field channels

In a channel bed made of fine sand, when the velocity is gradually increased the sequence of bed formation is

1.Flat surface dunes – saw tooth ripples – antidunes

2.Flat surface – dunes – antidunes saw tooth ripples

3.Saw tooth ripples – flat surface – antidunes – dunes

4.Saw tooth ripples – dunes – flat surface – antidunes

In a flow-mass curve study, the demand line drawn from a ridge does not intersect the mass curve again. This implies that

1.the reservoir is not full at the beginning

2. the demand cannot be met by the inflow as the reservoir will not refill

3. the reservoir is washing water by spill

4.the storage is not adequate

In border flooding type of water distribution in the forms, the supply ditch is in the form of

1.underground concrete pipe having risers at intervals

2. Earthen channel

3. lined channel

4. any one of the above

In check flooding levees are generally constructed along the contours, having vertical interval of about

1. 50 to 100 mm

2.100 to 250 mm

3.300 to 600 mm

4. 600 to 1000 mm

In drip irrigation, laterals are usually _____ dia and _____ long.

1.10 to 12.5 and 50 m

2.10 to 12.5 mm and 20 m

3.25 to 30 mm and 50 m

4.25 to 30 mm and 100 m

In flexible module, the discharge depends upon

1. difference of water levels of water course and distributary

2. water level of the water course

3.water level of the distributary

4. none of the above

In tube well irrigation system the best method of pricing is

1.volumetric method

2.crop rate system

3.flat rate pricing

4.any of the above

In which of the following methods of applying water to land, ditches are excavated in the field?

1. border flooding

2.check flooding

3.furrow irrigation method flooding

Infiltration rate is always

1. equal or more than the infiltration capacity

2.equal to or less than the infiltration capacity

3.less than the infiltration capacity

4. more than the infiltration capacity

Kenendy gave a relation between

1.rainfall and runoff

2. area and velocity

3.critical velocity and depth of flowing water

4.velocity and hydraulic mean depth

Lacey gave a relation between

1.Area and velocity

2.Velocity and hydraulic mean

3.Both a and b

4.None of these

Lining of irrigation channels

1.does not change the water logging area

2. increases the water logging area

3.decreases the water logging area

4.None of these

The best irrigation method that suits area scarcity of irrigation water is

1.Drip irrigation

2.Furrow irrigation

3.Check flooding

4.Sprinkler irrigation

The best technique of water distribution in the field that can be used for all types of soils and for widely different topographies and slopes is flooding

2. furrow irrigation method

3. border flooding

4.sprinkler irrigation method

The best unit duration of storm for a unit hydrograph is

1.1 hour

2. Equal to basin lag

3. One half of basin lag

4. One fourth of basin lag

The canal that finally feeds field is known as

1. Minor canal

2.Branch canal


4.Field channel

The capacity of an irrigation tank is sometimes increased by installing

1.Divide wall

2.Dam stones


4.Breast well

The depth of water stored in an irrigation tank, rarely exceeds




4.12 m

The diameter of pressure relief values used in the bed and sides of canal are _____ respectively.

1. 50 mm and 150 mm

2.100 mm and 150 mm

3.100 mm and 200 mm

4.150 mm and 50 mm

The elementary profile of a dam is

1.a right angled triangle equilibrium triangle

3.a trapezoidal

4.a rectangle

The fall that is suitable for high drops with low discharge is

1. Baffle type

2.Straight glacis

3.Vertical drop type

4.Well type

The infertility of the soil in waterlogged area is due to

1. increase in salinity

2.growth of weeds

3.death of bacteria causing nitrification

4.All of the above

The loss of head unit length of creep is called

1.Percolation coefficient

2.Lane's coefficient

3.Bligh’s coefficient

4.Coefficient of creep

The main function of a divide wall is to

1. separate the undersluices from weir proper

2. provide smooth flow at sufficiently low velocity

3. prevent river floods from entering the canal

4. control the silt entry in the canal

The major resisting force in a gravity dam is

1. uplift pressure

2.self-weight of dam

3.wave pressure

4.water pressure

The most suitable material for the central impervious core of a zoned embankment type dam is

1. clay mixed with fine sand

2.coarse sand


4.Silty clay

The ratio of the rate of change of discharge of the outlet to the rate of change of discharge of the distributary channel is known as





The spacing of tile drains to relieve waterlogged land is directly proportional to the

1.The spacing of tile drains to relieve waterlogged land is directly proportional to the

2.depth of drain below the ground surface

3.coefficient of permeability of the soil to be drained

4.depth of drain below the water level

The type of fall which consists of an inlet with a pipe at its bottom to carry water to a downstream well is known as

1.vertical drop type fall

2. straight glacis fall

3. pipe fall

4. cylindrical fall

The unit hydrograph has one unit of

1. rainfall excess

2.rainfall duration

3. time base of direct runoff


The unit hydrograph of a specified duration can be used to evaluate the hydrograph of storms of

1. same and longer duration

2. same duration only

3.same and shorter duration

4. any duration

The water stored in the reservoir below the minimum pool level is called

1. valley storage

2.surcharge storage

3.dead storage

4.useful storage

The water utilizable by plants is available in soils mainly in the form of

1. hydroscopic water

2.chemical water

3. gravity water

4.capillary water

Unit of runoff in M.K.S. system is

1.cubic metre

2.cubic metre/sec


4. square metre

When Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR) is 30, it is called

1.Very high sodium water

2.Low sodium water

3.Medium sodium water

4. High sodium water

Which of the following can be used as a meter fall?

1. flumed glacis fall

2. vertical drop fall

3.unflumed glacis fall

4.All of the above

Which of the following is a type of semi-module outlet?

1.Gibb's module

2.Open flume

3.Open sluice

4.Submerged pipe outlet

Which of the following methods of applying water may be used on land with irregular topography?

1.border flooding

2.check flooding flooding

4.furrow irrigation method

Which of the following methods of applying water may be used on rolling land?

1. Free loading

2.Furrow flooding

3.Check flooding

4.Boarder flooding

Which one of the following is not layout of tile drains?

1. herring bone system

2.intercepting drain system

3.grid iron system

4. french drain system

Which one of the following is the wrong statement about a head regulator?

1. controls the supplies entering the off take channel

2. controls entry of silt into off take channel

3. serves as a meter for measuring discharge

4.when the water level in main channel is low, it helps in heading up water

Which one of the following is the wrong statement about Bligh's creep theory?

1.on upstream side floor thickness should be designed carefully against piping can be ensured by providing sufficient creep length makes no distinction between horizontal and vertical creeps

4.percolating water follows the outline of the base of foundation

Which one of the following is wrong about cement concrete tile lining of canals?

1.Damaged portion can be repaired easily.

2.Rounded sections can be easily laid.

3.Expansion joints are not required.

4.Rigid quality control is required.


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