Civil Engineering/ Structural Analysis MCQ Sample Test,Sample questions

If a rigid body is in equilibrium under a system of forces the virtual work done by this system of forces during virtual displacement is zero. This principle is known as

1.Bernauli's principle

2. Mecaulay's principle

3.Work energy principle

4.Castigliano's principle

In a linearly elastic structure, partial derivative of the strain energy with respect to a load is equal to the deflection of the point where the load is acting, the deflection being measured in the direction of the load. This is known as

1.Bernauli's theorem

2.Castigliano's theorem

3.Unit load method

4.Work energy principle

In the above case maximum moment at section 8 m from left support occurs when

1.First 15 kN load is on the section

2.Second 15 kN is on the section

3.8 kN load is on the section

4.10 kN load is on the section

The absolute bending moment in a supply supported of span 10 m due to a moving load of 40 kN/m spanning over 5 m is

1.375 kN at midpoint

2.375 kN m at 2.5 m from end A

3.375 kN at 3.75 m from end A

4.500 kN m at midspan

The moment which makes all the fibres at the section to yield is known as

1.moment of resistance

2.plastic moment capacity

3.yield moment

4.flexural rigidity

The point in the cross section of beam through which if load acts there will not be any twisting of the beam but there will be only bending is known as

1.shear centre

2.centre of gravity


4.all the above

The shape factor of a diamond shaped section for bending about its diametral arise is

1. 1.2

2. 1.5

3. 2.0


The systematic development of slope deflection method in the matrix form is known as to

1. equilibrium method

2.displacement matrix method

3. stiffness matrix method

4. All of the above

Which one of the following is wrong with respect to strain energy method for finding deflection?

1.Structure should be subjected to a single concentrated load

2.Deflection can be found at any point in desired direction

3. Deflection can be found only in direction of load

4.Deflection can be found only at the loaded point

Which one of the following methods is more accurate for the analysis of rigid frames?

1.portal method

2. factor method

3.slope deflection method

4.substitute frame method


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