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A 30-year old female presents with fatigue, fever, swelling in the neck area along with pain and difficulty in swallowing. Upon diagnosing, tenderness on palpation of thyroid in elicited. The lab reports showed elevated ESR, elevated T4, T3, and thyroglobulin levels. The 24hrs RAIU report is lesser than 5 per cent. What is diagnosed according to the patient’s lab reports?

1.Grave’s disease

2.Subacute thyroiditis

3.Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

4.Acute infectious thyroiditis

A 35-years-old female present to the hospital with symptoms of sudden onset of pain in the anterior neck spreading to the jaw from the past 2 days. Other than these symptoms, she also reported a full recovery from ‘a cold a week ago’. Which of the following findings are not consistent with her diagnosis.

1.Formation of microabscesses

2.Dense fibrosis of the thyroid gland

3.Neutrophilic filtration of thyroid

4.Plasma cells aggregating around damaged thyroid follicles

A chromosome is the thickest during





A condition marked by low TSH levels is called ___________.




4. Thyroid cancer

Apomixis is a form of




4.None of the above

 The reason why haemophilia is more commonly observed in human males than in females is due to

1. the disease is due to Y-linked recessive mutation

2.the disease is due to X-linked recessive mutation a huge population of girls die in infancy

4.the disease is due to X-linked dominant mutation

 Which of the following is the major causative for Grave’s disease?

1.Hyperactivity of thyroid gland

2.Hyperactivity of adrenal cortex

3.Hyperactivity of adrenal medulla

4.Hyperactivity of the islets of Langerhans

Difference between heartwood and sapwood is that heartwood

1. shows the presence of fibres and rays

2.has dead and non-conducting elements

3. lacks parenchyma and vessels

4. is susceptible to pathogens and pests

DNA fingerprinting recognizes the differences in

1. satellite DNA

2. bulk DNA

3.Repetitive DNA

4.both (a) and (c)

Each of the chromosome at the anaphase stage of a bone marrow cell in our body has chromatid

2.two chromatids

3.several chromatids chromatids


1.stains lightly

2. is partially condensed

3.genetically active chromatin with genes

4. all of the above

Exophthalmic goitre is due to ________.

1.Hyposecretion of thyrocalcitonin

2.Hyposecretion of thyroxine

3.Hypersecretion of thyroxine

4.Hypersecretion of thyrocalcitonin

Geitonogamy and autogamy both are prevented in which one of these?


2. Maize



Haemophilia is

1.X – linked

2. Y – linked

3. Z – linked


Haemophilia is as a result of a lack of



3. AHF


Haemophilia is caused by



3. Genetic mutation

4.Cause unknown

If Bb is a gene pair of an individual then the alleles for this gene pair are

1.A and B

2.a and A

3. a and b

4.b and B

In adventive embryony, a type of apomixis, the embryo develops directly from the


2.accessory embryo sacs in the ovule

3. antipodals or synergids in an embryo sac

4. integuments or nucleus

In many laboratories, active research is on to comprehend the genetics of apomixis

1. Apomixis generates genetically different individuals

2. Apomixis is the method to produce seeds without fertilization

3.Hybrid plants are directly formed by apomixis

4.Transfer of apomictic genes into hybrid varieties that shall prevent hybrid vigour loss over the years

In monocots, grafting is not possible as _________

1.They show parallel venation

2. they have scattered vascular bundles

3.they lack cambium

4. they are herbaceous

In patients with haemophilia, which of these can increase the risk of cerebral microbleeds?

1.cardiovascular risk factors

2.increased age

3.Hepatitis C infection

4.all of these

In plants, apomixis pertains to plant development

1.from root cuttings

2.from cuttings of stem

3. without the gametes having to fuse

4.fusion of gametes

In which typical stage are Lampbrush chromosomes observed?

1.meiotic prophase

2.mitotic metaphase

3.mitotic prophase

4.mitotic anaphase

A chromosome with a very short arm and a very long arm is referred to as





Megasporium is equivalent to


2.embryo sac


4. Nucleus

One of these statements about apomixis is incorrect

1.formation of seeds without fertilization

2.Meiotic division and fertilization of gametes takes place to form a zygote

3.Seeds are genetically similar

4.None of these

Rapid heart rate, weight loss, heat sensitivity are most likely the symptoms of _________

1.Thyroid cancer

2.Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

3. Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

4. All of the above

Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, high body temperature are the symptoms of ___________.

1.Thyroid crisis

2.Thyroid storm

3.Thyroid failure

4.Thyroid death

Rarely females experience the physiological defect of haemophilia as they do so only when they are

1.carrier for the defect

2. wives of haemophilic husbands

3. homozygous for the defect

4.heterozygous for the defect

The diagrammatic representation of karyotype (morphological representation of chromosomes) of a species is known as





The difference between perisperm and endosperm is that perisperm:

1.has reserve food

2.forms by fusion of the secondary nucleus with several sperms a diploid tissue a haploid tissue

The point at which polytene chromosomes appear to be attached together is known as


2. centromere

3. chromomere


The reason why hybrid seeds have to be produced every year is

1. hybrid seed industry tends to increase the cost of seeds

2.hybrid plants turn sterile in coming years more heterosis in coming years

4. hybrid vigour is not maintained in more than one generation as segregation of genes is initiated in the second generation

This about apomixis is true:

1.There is no fertilization involved in both apomixis and parthenocarpy

2.Apomixis produces genetically identical mother cells

3.Apomixis is observed in angiosperms and gymnosperms

4.All of the above

This disease falls under the same category as colourblindness in man


2.Night blindness

3. Diabetes insipidus


This force can stabilize a DNA double-helix 

1.Hydrophilic sugar-phosphate groups are found on the exterior of the helix where interaction with water occurs

2.Hydrophobic bases are present in the interior of the helix, each base-pair is stabilized by the same number of hydrogen bonds

3.covalent base stacking interactions may take place between neighbouring bases within the same strand in the helix

4.non-covalent N-glycosidic bonds may form between nitrogenous bases in opposite strands in the helix

This is a complication of haemophilia

1.Bleeding in the head

2. joint swelling


4.all of these

This is ineffective against antibiotics

1.bacterial infected gonorrhoea

2.bacterial infected wound

3. haemophilia

4.bacterial infected throat

This is one of the most recent and valid explanations for stomatal movements.

1.Starch hydrolysis

2. Transpiration

3.Guard cell photosynthesis

4.Potassium efflux and the influx

This lacks in patients with haemophilia A

1.X chromosome


3.Antihemophilic factor

4.Plasma thromboplastin

Thyroid disorders are often mistaken for this condition.



3.Crohn’s disease

4.Posttraumatic stress disease

Vascular bundles are closed in monocots as:

1.presence of vascular cambium between xylem and phloem

2. presence of xylem and phloem

3. absence of vascular cambium

4.xylem and phloem occur in separate bundles

Which of the following are the primary water-conducting elements of xylem in gymnosperms?




4.Transfusion tissue

Which of the following body function is regulated by the thyroid producing hormones?



3. Metabolism

4.Blood pressure

Which of the following events takes place in a ring girdled plant?

1.The eath of the root first

2.The death of the shoot first

3. The shoots and the root dies first

4.Neither the shoot nor the root will die

Which of the following factors promotes the opening of the stomatal aperture?

1. A decrease in guard cell turgidity

2.When the outer walls of the guard cells contracts

3.Radial orientation of the cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of the guard cells

4.The longitudinal orientation of the cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells

Which of the following is made of dead cells?

1. Phloem



4.Xylem parenchyma

Which of the following is not a lateral meristem?


2. Cork cambium

3. Intercalary meristem

4.Interfascicular cambium

Which of the following statement are true about the Tyloses – the balloon-shaped structures?

1.Characterise the sapwood

2.Original in the lumen of vessels

3.Are linked to the ascent sap through xylem vessels

4.Are extensions of the xylem parenchyma cells into vessels

Which type of epithelium is found in thyroid follicles?






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