NEET Test Series-2021 to 2022/NEET Biology MCQS Mock Test Paper 42 Sample Test,Sample questions

A true species comprises of a population

1. Interbreeding

2.Sharing the same niche

3. Reproductively isolated

4.Feeding over the same food

Amoebiasis causes

1.Headache and cold


3. Fever

4.Severe cold

Amoebiasis is caused by

1.Toxoplasma gondii

2.Entamoeba histolytica

3.Ascaris lumbricoides

4. None of these

Amoebiasis is transmitted by

1. Direct contact with dirty hands

2.Sexual contact

3.Faecal contamination of drinking water and food

4.All of these

 Factors leading to an increase in the risk of thalassemia disease

1.Certain ancestry

2.Family history of thalassemia

3.Only B

4. Both A and B

 In tissues, amoebiasis is treated with

1. Tinidazole



4.Any of these

 One of the first acts in taxonomy is



3. Naming

4. Classification

 Possible complications of thalassemia


2.Iron overload

3.Only B

4.Both A and B

 The correct sequence of taxonomic categories is:

1. Species -> genus -> order -> phylum

2. Species -> order -> genus-> kingdom

3.Genus -> species -> order -> kingdom

4.None of these

 The most common site for amoebiasis is:


2.Sigmoid colon

3.Transverse colon

4.Hepatic flexure

 Which one of these categories has real existence?

1. Species


3. Kingdom


Compared to genus, which of the following is less general in characters?


2. Species


4. Class

Coronary angioplasty, part of CAD’s treatment involves:

1. A new part of artery replaces the blocked section expand artery, medication is used

3. inflation of a tiny balloon inside an artery

4. None of these

Coronary artery disease (CAD) can be determined by this test

1. Cardiac catherization


3.Treadmill stress test

4.all of these

Differentiation between pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains can be done by

1.Phagocytic activity

2.Use of genetic markers

3.Zymodeme analysis

4.All of these

Doctors place a stent inside the artery during angioplasty. A stent is a

1. A new fragment of the artery

2.A wire mesh tube

3.A cotton tube

4. A slow-release medicine capsule

Entamoeba histolytica can be cultured in

1.Diamond’s medium

2.CLED medium

3.NNN medium

4.MacConkey agar

For wheat, which of the following combinations is correct?

1.Genus Triticum, family Poaceae, order Poales, Class Monocotyledonae

2.Genus Triticum, family Poaceae, order Poales, Class Dicotyledonae

3.Genus Triticum, family Poaceae, order Sapindales, Class Monocotyledonae

4.Genus Triticum, family Anacardiaceae, order Poales, Class Monocotyledonae

Grave’s disease or Basedow’s disease is due to

1.Hyperactivity of adrenal cortex

2.Hypoactivity of the thyroid gland

3.Hyperactivity of thyroid gland

4. Hypoactivity of islets of Langerhans

If a stent is not used in a few cases who have coronary angioplasty done, the artery tends to narrow down or get blocked again in 6 months. This is more likely to happen if: smokes has unstable angina before the procedure has diabetes

4.all of these

In chronically deficient patients, this abnormality is directly related to the enlargement of the thyroid gland

1.Impaired conversion of T3 and T4

2.Reduced activity of thyroperoxidase

3.Elevated levels of TSH

4.An antibody that binds to the TSH receptor in the thyroid gland

Iodine deficiency can cause


2.Thyroid cancer

3.Solitary thyroid nodules


Which of the following statement is false about Fabaceae?

1.It was earlier mentioned to as Papilionoideae

2.It is widely distributed across the world

3.It is common to find plants with fibrous root system here

4.It is a subfamily of family Leguminosae

Medications for hypothyroidism include treatment that:

1.Replaces insulin

2. Replaces ADH

3. Replaces TH

4.Replaces surfactant

Name the blood test which can detect if a person is a carrier of thalassemia

1.Prenatal testing

2.A complete blood count (CBC)

3. A Reticulocyte Count

4.All of these

Nicotiana sylvestris flowers only during long days while N.tabacum flowers only during short days. Under different photoperiods, they can be induced to flower at the same time and can be cross-fertilized to produce self-fertile offsprings. What is the best reason for considering Nicotiana sylvestris and N.tabacum as separate species?

1.They are reproductively distinct

2.They fail to interbreed in nature

3.They are physiologically different

4.They are distinct morphologically

One of these is not a symptom of acute coronary syndrome

1.ST Segment elevation myocardial infarction

2.Non ST segment elevation myocardial infarction

3.unstable angina

4.No episodes of dyspnea

Presence of ingested RBCs is a characteristic feature of

1.Entamoeba histolytica

2.Dientamoeba fragilis

3. Entamoeba coli

4.Iodamoeba butcheli

Regulation of cells’ activity takes place through

1.Flow of substances

2. Flow of energy

3. Flow of hormones

4.Flow of smoke

Sometimes, the thyroid symptoms are mistaken for which condition?


2.Posttraumatic stress


4.Crohn’s disease

Taxonomic hierarchy refer to

1.Classification of species based on the fossil record

2. A list of botanists or zoologists who have worked on the taxonomy of a species or group

3. a group of senior taxonomists who decide the nomenclature of animals and plants

4.Stepwise arrangement of all categories for classification of animals and plants

The complications that can occur in severe thalassemia is

1.Enlarged spleen

2.Bone deformities

3. Problems with the heart

4.All of these

The four small glands in the thyroid gland are known as

1.Adrenal gland

2.Pineal gland

3.Parathyroid gland

4. Endocrine and exocrine gland

The karyosome of Entamoeba histolytica is

1. liver



The main hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland


2. T3

3.(a) and (b) Both


The modifiable risk factor associated with coronary artery disease is



3. Heredity


The __________ branches into Circumflex artery and left anterior descendary artery

1. Left main coronary artery

2.right marginal artery

3.Posterior descendary artery

4.None of these

This about alpha-thalassemia is correct

1.Number of gene mutations decide the severity of the condition

2.Haemoglobin fails to produce enough alpha protein in alpha-thalassemia

3.Alpha-thalassemia is common in South-east Asia, southern Asia, India etc

4.All of the above

This about beta-thalassemia is true

1.two genes are necessary to make beta-globin chains

2.Mutation of genes decide the severity of the condition

3.Beta thalassemia is a common condition in West Asia, North Africa and the Mediterranean islands

4. All of these

This condition of chronic inflammation of the thyroid leading to under-activity is





This is not a symptom of Thalassemia disease

1.Abdominal cramps

2.Weakness and slow growth

3.Dark urine

4.Facial bone deformities

This is one of the symptoms of Coronary artery disease

1. Sleep problems



4.Pain or discomfort in the chest, lower jaw or arms

This statement is true about Thalassemia

1. There is a type of thalassemia depending on the number of mutations in genes

2.It is caused by mutations in the DNA of cells which make up the haemoglobin

3.Mild thalassemia may not need treatment

4.All of these

This type of thalassemia disease is Cooley anaemia



3. Alpha-thalassemia

4. None of these

Treatment that can be given to thalassemia patients

1.Stem cell or bone marrow transplant

2.Blood transfusions

3.Iron chelation

4.All of the above

What is the fruit of wheat and rice called?





Which of the following is not an agricultural product?



3. Alum


Which of the following statement is false about Hilum?

1.Hilum lies underneath micropyle

2.Ccar over the seed coat

3.Growing seeds are attached to the fruit through the hilum

4. All of the above

Which of these diseases is not related to thyroid glands?





_____ encloses thyroid, responsible for its movement during swallowing

1. Prevertebral fascia

2.Pretracheal fascia

3.Investing layer of the deep cervical fascia

4.Superficial fascia


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