Biochemistry-Biochemistry /Immunological Techniques Sample Test,Sample questions

Different form of a plasmid on an agarose gel after electrophoresis may be in which of the following sequence in decreasing molecular weight?

1.Open circular super coiled linear plasmid DNA

2.Linear plasmid open circular super coiled plasmid

3.Open circular super coiled linear plasmid DNA

4.commonly to detect trace amounts of drugs.

Immunoaffinity chromatography can be used in biochemical applications to

1. break down antibody structure

2.purify protein antigen

3.break down antigen and analyze quantitatively

4.none of the above

In Counter immunoelectrophoresis

1. electrophoresis will drive the antibody and antigen parallel to each other

2.electrophoresis will drive the antibody and antigen toward each other

3.the antibody will migrate towards anode

4. the antibody will migrate towards cathode

In Rocket Immunodiffusion the length of the rocket is

1.proportional to the amount of antibody placed in each well

2.inversely proportional to the amount of antibody placed in each well

3. inversely proportional to the amount of antigen placed in each well

4.proportional to the amount of antigen placed in each well

Agarose gel electrophoresis and pulsed field gel electrophoresis may be used to resolve respectively

1.2000 kb and 20kb DNA

2. 1000 kb and l0kb DNA

3.20 kb and 2000 kb DNA

4.20 kb and 2000 kb DNA

Radial Immunodiffusion is similar to


2.gel diffusion

3.Ouchterloney technique

4.all of these

The competitive immunoassay can be used detect very small amounts of antigen

2. to detect antibody associated with allergies (IgE)

3.both (a) and (b)

The IPTG is a gratuitous inducers of (β-galactosidase and x-gal is a chromogenic substrate. When α-complementation occurs which colour is produced?




4.No colour is produced

What is the ELISA test intended to measure?

1.Antibody to HIV only

2.Antigen to HIV only

3. Presence of free circulating virus in the patient

4.Antibodies directed against HLA molecules

Which of the following is an immunodiffusion test?


2.Gel diffusion

3.Ouchterloney technique

4.All of these


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