Biology-MCQs Question and Answer /Biology Set 4 Sample Test,Sample questions

 In which disease of plant white mildew appears typically on underside of leaves?


2.Angular leaf Spot

3.Downy Mildew

4.Black arm of Cotton

 Name the disease of plant in which leaves, branches, fruits all are affected?

1.Spider Mites


3. Aphids

4.Citrus Canker

Bacterial blight of Rice disease of plant is caused due to which bacteria?

1.Pseudomonas bacteria

2.Xanthomonas citri bacteria

3.Xanthomonas oryzae bacteria

4.None of the above

Bunchy top of banana plant disease is caused due to:




4.None of the above

In which disease of plant stem rot at soil line with brown to red lesions?


2.Angular leaf Spot

3.Bacterial Blight

4.Bacterial Spot

In which of the following diseases of plant chlorophyll of the leaves get destroyed and leaves get shrinked?

1. Mosaic disease of tobacco

2.Citrus Canker

3.Tundu disease of wheat


 The ‘lock and key hypothesis’ mechanism is related with:

1.Digestion of fat in the body

2. For enzyme specificity

3. For the formation of vacuole


Name a disease of plant in which dark to light brown rot forms around wounded plant tissue?

1.Gray Mold

2.Citrus Canker

3.Spider Mites

4.None of the above

Name a disease of plant in which fine webbing occurs on undersides of the leaves?

1.Spider Mites




Name the disease of plant in which large yellow spot appears on the leaves?

1.Bacterial Blight

2.Bacterial Spot



Which disease of plant is known as ring disease?

1.Citrus Canker

2. Black arm of cotton

3.Wilt of Potato

4.None of the above


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