Economics/Economics Development Sample Test,Sample questions

Cause of high infant mortality rate is :

1. inadequate facilities of health

2.lack of infrastructural facilities

3.lack of awareness

4.both (a) and (b)

Development goals of different sections of our society can be achieved by:


2.Democratic political process

3. Violent agitation

4. Terrorism

HDI stands for ?Human Development Index? that focuses on Fill in the blanks with one of the following options: expectancy

2.gross enrolment ratio for three levels of schooling

3.national income

4.all the above

Human Development Index compares countries based on which of the following levels of the people?

1. Educational level

2.Health status

3. Per capita Income

4.All the above

Human Development Report is published by


2. World Bank



In which state of India is the infant mortality rate lowest?


2. Bihar

3. Uttar Pradesh


Kerala has low Infant Mortaliy Rate because: has good climatic condition has adequate infrastructure

3. it has adequate provision of basic health and educational facilities has poor net attendence ratio

Per capita income is:

1.income per person

2.income per family

3.income per earning person

4. income per month

Pick out the cause (from below) that enhances environmental degradation:

1.Planting of trees.

2.Prevention of factory wastes getting mixed up with river water.

3.Ban on use of plastic bags.

4.Allowing increase in the level of exhaust fumes emitted by cars, buses, trucks, etc.

Pick out the correct meaning listed below to define ?average income?.

1.Average income of the country means the total income of the country.

2.The average income in a country is the income of only employed people.

3.The average income is the same as per capita income.

4. The average income includes the value of property held.

Proportion of literate population in the 7 years and above age group is termed as

1.Education index

2.Mortality ratio

3.Literacy rate

4. Gross enrolment ratio

The countries with per capita income of US $955 (2017) or less are termed as

1. Low income countries

2.Developing countries

3.Developed countries

4.Rich countries

The developmental goal for a girl from a rich family is:

1. to get more days of work get as much freedom as her brother gets

3. to get electricity get better wages

What proportion of the country is over using their groundwater reserves?





What was the literacy rate in Kerala in 2011?





What will be the top priority in the developmental goal of a landless labourer?

1.Expansion of rural banking

2. More days of work and better wages

3.Metal roads for transportation

4.Establishment of a high school

Which is the most important attribute for comparing the development of countries ?

1. Resources

2. Population

3. Average income

4. None of these

Which of the following countries has higher HDI rank than India?

1.Sri Lanka


3. Bangladesh

4. Pakistan

Which of the following countries has higher HDI rank than India?

1. Sri Lanka



4. Pakistan

Which of the following is the most important component for comparing different countries?



3. Per capita income

4. Resources

Which of the following neighbouring countries has better performance in terms of human development rank than India ?

1. Bhutan

2. Sri Lanka


4.None of the above

Which one of the following criteria is the basis to measure the development of a country according to UNDP?

1.Per capita income

2. Educational levels of the people

3.Health status of the people

4. All the above

Which one of the following is a developmental goal for industrialists?

1.To get more days of work

2.To get better wages

3.To get more electricity

4. All the above

Which one of the following is not a feature of developing country?

1. Agriculture as the major occupation

2.High technological development

3.Mass poverty

4.Mass illiteracy

Which one of the following statements defines ?Literacy Rate??

1.Total literate population divided by total population

2.Total literate population divided by literate population

3.Proportion of illiterate population in the 18 and above age group.

4.It measures the proportion of literate proportion in the 7 years and above age group.

Which one of the following states has the highest Human Development Index (HDI)?

1. Kerala

2. Punjab

3. Uttar Pradesh

4.West Bengal


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