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Hardware Programming Language Interview Questions

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Hardware Programming Language Interview Questions


Q1. What is Computer programming?

Computer programming is also known as programming or coding. Programming is a process which includes processes like coding, maintaining, updating, debugging, writing, designing (algorithms) etc.


Q2. How does programming work?

Programming consists of a set of instructions for the computer to perform various tasks. In fact, those instructions are executable commands, each with a different purpose.


Q3. How can so many electronic components be integrated on a small plate?

In this present scenario, this is generally done with the help of a technology called VLSI which is meant for very large-scale integration. This is actually to shrink the size of the various devices. The continuous reduction in the size of electronic gadgets like computers has been made possible with the help of this approach.


Q4. What is VHDL? / What is the full form of VHDL in VLSI?

VHDL is an abbreviation for Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language. It is a programming language used to describe circuits in digital systems and to model digital systems using a structural style of data flow, behavior, and modeling.


Q5. What is ISR?

ISR extended interrupt service routine. These are procedures stored at a special memory location and are called when some interrupt occurs. Interrupt refers to a signal sent to the processor indicating that there is a high priority event that requires immediate attention.


Q6. What do you understand by segmentation fault?

A segmentation fault is the most common and often causes crashes in programs. This occurs when a program instruction tries to access a memory address that is denied access.


Q7. Is it possible to declare static variables in header file?

Variables defined with static are initialized once and persist till the end of the program and are local only to the block in which they are defined. A static variable declaration requires a definition. It can be defined in a header file. But if we do this, a private copy of the header file's variables will be present in every source file that includes the header. It is not preferred and hence not recommended to use static variables in header file.


Q8. When is there a syntax error?

A syntax error occurs when a program violates one or more grammatical rules of the programming language. These errors are detected at compile time, that is, when the translator (compiler or interpreter) tries to translate the program.


Q9. What are HDL simulators?

HDL simulators are software packages used to simulate expressions written in any one of the hardware description languages such as Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog.


Q10. Can a design failure lead to the failure of the entire equipment?

Each year approximately 5 million hardware devices fail to deliver the desired results due to design issues in them. It is true that design issues can lead to the failure of the entire project.

Hardware Programming Language Interview Questions